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Introducing Doap Office

Come join the pot party! Anyone who places an order via the online shop will automatically receive account credentias along with info about ways to use your new Doap Office account.

In an effort to build an area on the internet that Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, etc. can’t just shut out on a whim DevOps and Platforms (DOAP) is giving away free 10 gigabyte accounts to all of its retail customers! The cloud based Doap Office suite which has been designed from the ground up with your privacy in mind is a great alternative to gmail etc for those concerned with privacy.

Our objective is to provide great services while not sharing any information with the ‘big three’. We want a robust uncensored weed community instead of the new status quo of banning and ghosting and blocking.

The Doap Office list of applications and services included is extensive.

Extensive List Of Apps And Services

  • Cloud based private email.
  • File sharing with 10 Gig of free cloud storage
  • Video Streaming
  • Music App
  • Chat Client with WebRTC (Doap Talk)
  • Personal Quickbooks Style Accounting Package
  • Gps and Maps with private location history using no google services.
  • Contact Management App
  • Rss News Reader
  • Password Manager
  • Bookmarks Manager
  • Calendar (WebDav Compatible)
  • Doap Office
    • Documents
    • Spreadsheets
    • Presentations

Mobile Apps

    Recommended Apps for iPhone

  • PhoneTrack
  • Talk
  • Nextcloud App
  • Nextcloud News

    Recommended Apps for Android

  • PhoneTrack
  • Talk
  • Nextcloud App
  • Nextcloud News